Wednesday, December 8, 2010


As you can see, I have spent time as a paperdoll

I want to admit some things as I'm aging fast this week (I'll go up a whole year in one day!)

  • I've been a paperdoll. True that. I wanted nothing more than to lie flat and look good forever. Oh, yeah, and to have a fabulous paper wardrobe with matching purses and earrings.
  • Real life made me get off the paper and scrape my shins and bleed, and sometimes I cry too much.
  • Four boys in my life made me worry to the point of graying my hair and wrinkling that skin between my eyeballs.
  • I have been more than angry on occasions. What is it when you go beyond being angry? (The boys call it "Momma-Meltdown.")
  • I hate sweating, but it comes even more with age, I found out.
  • My mouth gets me into trouble when I take it out of the smile-mode. Pasting on a smile sometimes is a good thing.
  • Sometimes all I want to hear from you is, "I'm sorry. You're right."
  • Dogs can be the best things in my world. (Except when they pee and poop on my floor and nearly knock me out.) 
  • Cats are the next best thing except they get hair all over the place. I'm not sure I could stomach a bald cat, though.
  • It's time to focus and find regular times to write since I'm not getting any younger. (Are you with me?)
Peace Out,


  1. Love that paperdoll template. Where did you get it? I also have cats and have contemplated a haircut also but no, bald is out. Cute post.