Thursday, June 17, 2010

Take Me on a Journey

Like many other writers, I come from a long line of storytellers on both sides of my family. My mother told stories to me while she did chores in the kitchen, while I sat and imagined the lives of her brave father, her adventuresome grandfather and her mother who sacrificed her life for her child.

I read books, but the stories I heard from my mother, my father who ran away from home when he was sixteen, and any number of other relatives flowed into my veins and soon as I was able, I put them down into my own journals and with my own spins. To me life was a romantic adventure and writing helped me to process my complicated life.

That's what storytellers do. They wrap you into their blanket of comfort and rock you into a deep meditation of what life is. The fact that I'm a Christian only emphasizes this legacy of storytellers. It was God Himself who began with "The Word" and the Word flourished in grace and gave life to me so many years ago.

When my journey on earth is done, maybe I will have left my own storytelling legacy behind, as I weave new stories in my heavenly home filled with praise of He who saves the world.

As I write here about my own journey, I hope you share your own journeys with me. Let's go together.

~~Crystal Laine Miller

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